Technology Services

Customizable Website
We will build a customized website where supplies, marketing materials, operational items, and literally any other item can be order by your staff. The site can be customized to look and feel exactly like your corporate branded website.
Variable Data Print
Items can be customized and printed on demand to allow your teams to respond quickly to changing market conditions
Approval Workflows
All items can be subject to an approval workflow so the appropriate departmental approvals are secured before the order is fulfilled.
Reduce Operational Costs
The ease of use and technology advancements allows your staff to spend less time on non-revenue generating tasks and more time marketing your business.
Control Of The Brand
Our technology will allow you to maintain the brand standards while giving users freedom within the frame work. Only certain fields may be customized while other brand elements are locked down ensuring complience.
Decrease Time To Market
Customized, on demand materials are quickly ordered and printed utilizing the tools we provided. Items can be ordered in appropriate quantities and delivered in just days allowing your marketing staff to increase effectivness and the bottom line.
24/7 Ordering
The system is available 24/7 allowing your staff to handle administrative functions during less critical times and maximizing their effectiveness.
Real-Time Inventory
Our technology will display real time inventory for each item in our catalog. This will allow users to make better decisions and know when to expect their products.
Growing brands have relied on McKella280 for turn-key marketing and supply chain execution services that reduce the complexities associated with the creation, procurement and delivery of marketing, training and operational materials to distributed locations and associates.

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