Sourcing & Procurement Services

Savings Reporting
McKella280 will track the direct and indirect savings realized through our program and report them back to you on a quarterly or annual basis.
Selection Objectivity
Our first priority is to be certain we are creating value. We place your project on the right equipment to be sure we are presenting the best pricing the market offers.
Competitive Bidding
Every project we handle for our customers is completely vetted through a thorough bidding process to find the best pricing, quality, and turn around to create value.
Open Capacity Marketplace
Our suppliers have open capacity in their facilities. McKella280 is able to leverage that situation to the benefit of our customers.
McKella280 can source, place, track, and manage the entire print supply chain on behalf of our customers. We will also provide full visibility to the process and report results on a consistent basis.
Supplier Performance Measurement
Each supplier in our Certified Supplier network is scored after every completed order on performance, quality, turn accuracy. These scores are used to rank our partners and determine the best fit for your projects.
Growing brands have relied on McKella280 for turn-key marketing and supply chain execution services that reduce the complexities associated with the creation, procurement and delivery of marketing, training and operational materials to distributed locations and associates.

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