Print Management

Direct Mail
McKella280 is an expert in all direct mail services. We will work with your staff to design an effective mail piece that will process through the postal system efficiently, while communicating your message and drive revenue
Postage Analysis
Having an expert on the postal system is critical to making your marketing budget go as far as possible. Often times the largest expense with direct mail is the postage itself. Our experts will make sure that your mail is presorted, deduplicated, and run through the specialized software to maximize your discounts. This will often save 20% or more on postage alone.
Data Preparation & Review
Data preparation and review is the key to an effective campaign. Mckella280 has the tools available to ensure that we are marketing to the correct populations and the data is prepared and executed as your marketing experts envisioned.
Create & Manage Schedules
McKella280 will work with your marketing teams to create and manage the appropriate schedule to meet your marketing plans. Proper execution and timing on multi-layered campaigns will ensure the best results for the campaign.
Mckella280 will manage all production schedules and be on press to ensure color integrity and consistency is maintained on all pieces.
Mckella280 will help measure the return on investment of your campaign. We will work with your team to create the appropriate KPIs and measure against those goals.
Growing brands have relied on McKella280 for turn-key marketing and supply chain execution services that reduce the complexities associated with the creation, procurement and delivery of marketing, training and operational materials to distributed locations and associates.

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