Branded Merchandise

Employee & Apparel Programs
McKella280 will help create an attractive mix of branded apparel products your employees can utilize for various Corporate functions.
Awards & Recognition
Show your employees how important they are to your business. Research supports recognition is a key ingredient in employee performance. McKella280 can assemble an attractive array of items to help reinforce this key action and increase revenues by increasing performance levels.
Recruitment & Training
Promotional Products can be a key tool in helping to recruit and train talented individuals to your organization. McKella280 can help assemble the appropriate group of products to drive these important initiatives.
Online Corporate Stores
Mckella280 will web-enable all of your branded merchandise initiatives with an online store so all over your clients and employees can easily have access to these critical programs.
Trade Shows & Events
It is important to have your brand properly represented at all of the trade shows and events on your marketing calendar. McKella280 can provide trade shows booths in all shapes and sizes as well as branded apparel and collateral to drive the return on investment on the important expenditure.
Growing brands have relied on McKella280 for turn-key marketing and supply chain execution services that reduce the complexities associated with the creation, procurement and delivery of marketing, training and operational materials to distributed locations and associates.

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